Turn-Key Investment Modeling Solution for

Investment Advisors

The KRS Advisor Resource Guide provides independent investment modeling services for Variable Annuity & Variable Life Products

Will save time and money so you can focus on what you do bestSales & Service!

Advisor with Current Tools

Meets With Client, Discuss Performance, Update Risk Tolerance Questionnaire & Client Profile.

30 – 60 Minutes

Investment Research.

4 – 6 Hours

Present Asset Allocation, Obtain Client Approval To Implement Recommendations.

15 – 30 Minutes

Download Correct Form(s).

5 – 10 Minutes

Complete Form.

10 – 15 Minutes

Obtain Client Signature
(Electronic, Mail, FedEx®, Fax)

15 – 60 Minutes

Submit Form to carrier.

5 Minutes


5.2-8.5 Hours

Advisor with KRS Resource Guide

Access KRS Newsletter and product specific investment information.

5 Minutes

Investment Research.

0 Minutes

Download Correct Form(s).

5 – 10 Minutes

Meet With Client, Discuss Performance, Update RTQ & Client Profile, Present KRS Models, Obtain Client Approval to Implement Recommendations, Complete Form.

40 – 70 Minutes

Obtain Client Signature*.

Included Above

Submit Form to carrier*.

5 Minutes


55-90 Minutes

*Client signature may not be needed based upon transfer authorization previously provided by client to FA, if applicable. If FA has transfer authorization, transactions can be done via phone or online, if available.

Easily delivered



Cost Effective

The KRS Advisor Resource Guide Offers:

  • Increase Profitability.
  • Support and protect your practice.
  • Provide Pro-active Client Service.
  • Improve Client Retention.
  • Ease Administrative Burden.
  • More efficiently manage your resources.
  • Grow assets under management.
  • Focus on New Client Acquisition.
  • Stay up to date on Market Intelligence.